The Do’s and Don’ts of Learning to Code

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Flatiron’s Personal Empowerment Protocol to Debugging Code

Coding can be very challenging but also extremely rewarding.

Here are some do’s and don’ts as you start, and continue, your journey:


Do…take breaks and come back to a problem with a refreshed perspective.

Do…know that others feel this way too.

Do…work from failure to passing rather than passing to exceptional.

Do…call upon your community for support.

Do…utilize resources.

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Test-driven development


Don’t…try to memorize every single line of code.

Don’t…try to do it alone.

Don’t…be afraid to ask questions.

Remember you’re doing amazing even when you feel like you’re doing terribly. You put yourself up to this challenge and the growth and accomplishment you’ve taken on in doing so are commendable. Be proud of yourself even when errors are breaking your pride.

Alexa, play One Step (into pry) at a Time.

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