Product AMA with Marty Cagan on Clubhouse

Here’s notes from the session:

What makes you a great product manager if you don’t have experience?

How do you vet a future manager as a product manager?

What is a litmus test to evaluate if your possible future team is really an empowered product team?

  • Are the engineers only there to code or do they participate in product discovery?
    • Do the designers think it’s a dumb solution that’s just being built and matched to the company style guide?
    • Ask the people working there ‘How is work assigned? Does the team participate in product discovery to find solutions to problems or are they given a roadmap of features to build?’
    • Keep in mind that the presence of a roadmap alone isn’t an issue; how the contents were derived and placed there is the key part!

How do you get into a product manager role — direct apply or transition within a company?

How do I know if I’m actively creating an empowered team?

How do you transition from user researcher to product manager?

How do I do a product management project to showcase my skills as an undergraduate student trying to get into product?

How do you switch a team to be empowered when you’re the newest, least experienced person on the team aka the least trusted?




Product manager | Leading with empathy.

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Product manager | Leading with empathy.

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