Pretend Product: Socratic Siri

Pretend Product is my musing on a product that I think should exist in the world or improvements I’d offer to an already existing product

For this Pretend Product, we’re creating something new: Siri for language learners.

Business goal:

Apple wants to make money and incentive more people to switch to iOS.

User target:

Gen Z and Millenials who are no longer in school taking foreign language courses but still want to maintain or develop fluency in a second or third language.

User goal:

As a user, I want to develop fluency in another language in a way that is natural and enjoyable.

Current alternatives:

Duolingo and language learning gamification apps, language practicing clubs/meetups, listening to movies and media in a different language

What they miss:

Apps are often too simple/slow in building you up to fluency and may provide nonsensical phrases that you won’t practically use in day to day conversation.

Feature design:

The specific design that I have in mind follows users' current schema of activating Siri. Socratic Siri is activated by saying “Hola Siri” (the hello would be in the target language as more language packs are added). The conversation would flow as a conversation does.

Example experience:

Me: “Hola Siri!”


Start with Spanish. Release to 50% (A/B test) of users who have used Siri at least 3 times per week for the past 6 months in order to filter for users who do not utilize Siri in the first place.

Measuring success:

10% lift in activation of Siri in the variant.

Rollout if test shows success:

Phase 2: rollout to 100% of users who used Siri at least 3 times per week for the past 6 months before the phase 1 launch.


What do you think? What excites you about this? Why wouldn’t this work? There are plenty of reasons to both sides. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to message me on my LinkedIn or write your own Medium post with a better solution to the user problem!

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