How to Put the “Connection” in a Connection Request On LinkedIn

Content is informational interviewing at scale. Consume it to prep for the face-to-face informational interview that you may be seeking

Read their profile BEFORE!

BONUS: Read their website. Watch their videos. Listen to their podcast.

Send a ->personalized<- connection request.

Spell their name right and apologize if you don’t. Names are important. Don’t try to gain access to someone without even putting care into what their name is. I like to think of the personalized request as thinking out loud. We don’t always get insight as to what other people are thinking of us. You know you want to connect with an author on LinkedIn because you loved their book. They don’t know what your intentions are and that you just want to keep up with their content after enjoying the book. Don’t rely on others to infer your goals; be explicit.

Get their pronouns right.

This is a touchy subject for me and I have yet to determine my approach to asking about pronouns. However, if someone explicitly tells you their pronouns USE THEM. These are not “preferred” pronouns. To me, calling them preferred is a microaggressive way of delegitimizing their gender identity. These are their actual pronouns.

Say thank you.

I like the plastic bags that have thank you repeatedly written on them. Katy Perry asked us “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” I hope to be one of those plastic bags actually: saying Thank You repeatedly and showing awareness for the ways that others are kind to me. I say thank you for connecting, for supporting my content, for meeting with me, for anything that others do. If I appreciate it internally, I want to make that explicit to others that what they did for me, no matter how little, was noticed and valued.

Keep it going.

It can be hard to keep track of who to keep in touch with and track the relationships that you have in your heart to maintain. I’m still learning to maintain my relationships so I can’t give advice that I don’t have the experience to support. I will say though, when you think of someone, message them. I often do that only to realize that I mistakenly didn’t respond to the last message. It’d be methodical to keep logs of everything to get back to but sometimes that doesn’t happen so have your subconscious be the log and hit people up when they pop up in your mind.

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