How to Prepare for Being Admitted Into a Coding Bootcamp

As told through my process with the Flatiron School’s immersive software engineering bootcamp in 2020


make learn account

make Github account

connect learn and Github account

cultural interview

complete the bootcamp prep course

technical interview

send all documents, forms, and signatures required upon acceptance

make a “Flatiron” folder in your email

not required by the school but i personally recommend it as a way to organize your inbox

do all the prework and space it out lol or else you'll get incessant reminder emails

buy a MacBook that fits the specs

set up your local development environment

The following were specific to my cohort’s logistics. Your cohort may be different:

join Flatiron’s community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Slack.

download/create accounts for whichever one of those you don’t already have.

add a clear photo as your Slack profile picture

I also added my pronouns to my name because that needs to be more standard of an expectation.

get Zoom

get Discord

set up your remote workspace

“If possible, create a distinct area strictly for working that is free from distraction. Communicate with others about your space and unavailability during certain times of the day. Some students have found it helpful to use headphones as a visual indication that they are unavailable.” — advice from my cohort’s program manager.

Your first day!

  • Orientation will begin promptly at 9 am. Welcome!

Congratulations on making it this far and taking such an important step to change your life! It’ll be challenging but you’ll grow incredibly and it’ll be worth it!

Fun fact

Flatiron is named after the Flatiron building in New York City. New York City is the location of the first Flatiron cohort. Daniel Burnham, the architect of the Flatiron building in NYC is quoted saying “Make no little plans.” which ties into the school’s personal value of “ Make No Little Plans” to push students to believe in their highest dreams as non-traditional students creating the future of the tech space.

NOTE: None of this is endorsed by the Flatiron School. Everything in this post and any other post is of my personal experience and/or opinion. Please visit for official guidance.

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