How to Engage on LinkedIn

It’s really simple and you’re overcomplicating it to procrastinate on getting started

People mention to me all of the time about how engaged I am on LinkedIn even though I am honestly not doing that much.

My engagement comes down to the same 4 responses: Thank you for sharing!, <copying a line that stood out to me from the post in quotes> I love that., Congratulations!, tagging someone else to share the post with them since it’s not something I need personally.

Do I engage with a lot of stuff? Yes.

Am I writing the world’s best thesis every time? Not at all.

I also produce my own content on LinkedIn. With that, people ask me how I come up with good content to post on LinkedIn.


I have no idea what’s good or bad content until I post it. There are posts I spent so much time coming up with and I thought were so creative that got 2 likes. 2. Then, there are posts I scrambled to write just to meet my post daily goal that have hundreds of likes and more comments than I can even respond to (not including my responses).

Don’t worry about posting something “good.” The world will surprise you with what it thinks is good or not.

Focus on posting consistently.

Now, how do you come up with something to post consistently? Well, every day has 24 hours. Several hours of opportunities for content.

A good chunk of my content is just reflecting on what I see others doing, something I learned about myself or others that day, or a mistake I recently made and how I learned from it. As Gary Vee says: document, don’t create.

So before you convince yourself that you need some kind of content marketing master plan, just start reflecting on your day publicly with a LinkedIn post and be amazed how far that will take you.

At the same time, engage with others’ content remembering that you don’t need to have something profound to say every time. Think of the comments section as a conversation and if all you have to say is ‘This post is helpful. Thank you!’ every time, that is more than enough to get you started.

Happy posting!

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