How To Write a Medium Post

How to get started writing a blog post on Medium as told by Phyllis

Realize that I’m talking to myself for too long about a topic.

I talk to myself a lot. It’s nice to bounce ideas off of someone; sometimes that someone is yourself.

Realize that maybe other people would be interested in this too.

Teachers tell students to ask a question because if you have that question, others might also have the same question. You will be helping yourself and them by asking it. Humans overestimate how unique they are. Topics that affect my life may affect others as well. Perhaps, I should share this content with those people.

Brain dump my thoughts onto the page.

Look for supporting research or resources to incorporate as images, links, or embedded videos.

^Add links throughout your post by highlighting the text that you want to contain the link and pasting the link into the input field that appears.

If you copy and paste an image or video address, Medium does some magic to embed it into your post as well.

Reread it for typos.

Install the Grammarly Chrome extension if you do not have it. This will help scan your writing for errors. It is not exhaustive/perfect but it surely helps.

(optional) Take a break from my own writing long enough to not be in the same frame of mind.

You know what you mean when you write but other people are not you. Get out of your own head long enough to be able to more objectively check if you are communicating clearly.

Reread it for typos and miscommunication (now that I’ve stepped away from my writing long enough for me to not know what it is that I was trying to say).

Publish with relevant hashtags on Medium.

Share to my social media so other people can get value out of it if indeed it is valuable.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

If a post is written in a blog and no one gets to read it, does it really add value?

If you’ve read this or any of my content, please let me know how it added value so I can put out more of what’s helpful. If it wasn’t of any value, I welcome any feedback on how I can improve.

Thank you for reading!

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Product manager | Leading with empathy.

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