ABC, XYZ, and Other Product Management Acronyms You’d Like to Know

PM-product manager/management

MVP-minimum viable prototype/product


DAU/WAU/MAU-daily/weekly/monthly active users

UX(D)-user experience (design)

UI-user interface

JD-job description

POC-proof of concept

also POC-point of contact

KPI-key performance indicators

OKR-objectives and key results

A/B test-comparing two versions of a product to see which performs better

CTR-click through rate

CTA-call to action

SaaS- software as a service

B2B-business to business

B2C-business to consumer

CEO-chief executive officer

CTO-chief technology officer

COO-chief operations officer

CMO-chief marketing officer

CPO-chief product officer

CGO-chief growth officer

ECT-early career talent

HTML-Hypertext Markup Language, coding language

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets, programming language

JS-Javascript, programming language

SQL-structured query language, accesses databases

SDK-software development kit, devkit to make apps for a specific platform

SDLC-software development life cycle

SDR- sales development representative

IT-information technology, an industry

API-application programming interface, data made public to developers by a server

UAT-user acceptance testing

SLA-service-level agreement

PRD-product requirements document

FRD-functional requirements document

DRI — Directly Responsible Individual

EOD — end of the day

VoC — Voice of the Customer

GTM — Go To Market

BOM — Bill of Materials

CD — Continuous Delivery

COD — Cost of Delay

JTBD — Jobs to Be Done

NPS — Net Promoter Score

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